Nuture Sculpture

Bayside Sculpture was established

  • To provide opportunities for emerging sculptors, particularly women, to further their artistic development
  • To create commissioned work ,religious and other, of high standard and aesthetic value
  • To offer opportunities for artists, particularly sculptors, to exhibit their work

Bayside Sculpture has at its core values

  • creativity
  • hospitality
  • respect
  • justice

At Bayside Sculpture we commit ourselves to affirm and nurture the innate creativity in each person. We seek to do this through the medium of sculpture and related art forms. We welcome people of all backgrounds and honour the unique creative expressions of each individual by providing a friendly, secure environment where self expression is encouraged and artistic development furthered. We promote new ways of exploring the visual arts, particularly sculpture, and innovative art practices.


Although Bayside Sculpture was established in July 2009, it is actually a continuation of the former Mercy Sculpture Centre which began on the same premises in 2005. Then a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy New Zealand it was managed by Gael O’Leary, resident artist and teacher. At that time it was created in an empty factory and fitted out with a teaching space, three studios, a soundproof grinding and welding area, carving and casting space and a wax room. Bayside Sculpture Gallery (formerly Gallery Koru) is also on the premises, and is used for the periodical display of student and staff work. The gallery is also available for public use as an exhibition space.

Gael O’Leary is the owner/manager of Bayside Sculpture.