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Bayside Sculpture is the studio base of sculptor Gael O’Leary. Her inspiring works in bronze evoke human emotions of faith, joy, hope and compassion. Other works speak of social justice, and still others reflect a sense of fun and the surreal. If you are interested in any works on the website please contact Gael is also available for new works to be commissioned.

Bayside Sculpture also offers ten week sculpture courses corresponding to the four term school year. Three hour day classes are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30 am– 12.30 pm and there is an evening class on Tuesday night 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm. Short courses are also offered throughout the year. For further information contact

Bayside Sculpture Gallery is on the premises and is available for public hire. The gallery is suitable for all mediums. For further information about the gallery please contact

Any other enquires should be directed to

Gael O’Leary
Bayside Sculpture
16B Advantage Rd
Highett VIC 3190

Ph. +61 3 9553 0661